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Having trouble getting sufficient working capital from your bank?

Our Mission

To help our Clients find the best source of working capital loans to fuel their growth and profitability.

Our Products

Our lenders offer working capital loans using your Accounts Receivable and Purchase Orders as collateral. Loans approval is based on the quality of the receivables not the credit worthiness of the borrower.


We diligently work for to our clients to find a lender that provides excellent service at a competitive rate.

Benefits of Factoring

 • Quick and easy to qualify

 • Fast access to cash when you need it

 • No restrictions on use of funds

 • Credit line expands with your business

 • Ideal for all sizes of companies

 • Improves your balance sheet    

What about Purchase Order Funding?

There are lenders that will provide loans to secure product from suppliers or to fund the manufacturing of your product. Purchase order funding, however, is a more complex process. The lender will require in depth information about your company, your supplier and your customer. Both you and your supplier must have a good track record. Most important is that you must have a firm purchase order from your customer that cannot be cancelled and the goods cannot be returned. Because of the risks involved, purchase order funding is more expensive than factoring.


Can I qualify?
Almost any business that has unencumbered, commercial Accounts Receivable can qualify. We fund all industries including construction, medical and legal.

What if I have been turned down by my bank?
Factoring was created to help companies just like you. Your financials do not determine if you qualify. Just as long as you have customers that pay their bills, you can get financing.

How long does it take to get the money?
Most accounts get initial funding within one week. Subsequent financing is usually available within 24 hours.

How much money can I get?
You can get up to 80% of your qualifying receivables. As your business grows so does your ability to get cash, without limit.

Is there any minimum monthly requirement or fees.
Most of our programs have no minimums. You are charged only for the money that you are advanced.

What is the interest rate?
You will be charged a discount fee similar to accepting a credit card. Fees are determined by the amount of financing and length of time until payment is made by your customer. Exact fees will be quoted to you upon receipt of application.

What if I have foreign customers?

We have lenders that specialize in international transactions. If they are established companies with a good credit history, these receivables can usually be factored.